The Largest Cat In NYC

Meet Samson, a 28 lbs (~13 kg) Maine Coon from NYC who is larger than most bobcats. This furball is around 4 feet in length and has even been dubbed “the largest cat in NYC.” In fact, he might even be the largest cat in the world. The current Guinness World record holder passed away in 2013, and he measured at 4.04 feet.

“Samson is a very sweet but a tough cat, who fits the term gentle giant very well,” Jonathan Zurbel, Samson’s owner, told Love Meow. “He is not fat or overweight but a strong Husky sturdy cat,” the cat dad said. “He waits by my (bedroom) door and comes in first thing in the morning to sit on my belly. He is very kind and sweet and a very well behaved cat. He is a dream cat.”

Samson, the mighty kitty who weighs 28 lbs and is around 4 feet in length



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